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City life has satisfied us with all its modern advantage and conveniences, but if you are considering takingtime out from the routine;itis possible to escape,even briefly inthe peaceful  and tranquil environment of Chuti Resort Purbachal where you can sit back, relax andjust enjoy the view. et nature work up its magic while we indulge you with an exhaustive choice. Make it a retreat to remember.

The resort islocated on Dhaka City Bypass Road in Rathura. Adjacent to Sector 30, Purbachal RAJUK new Town.Near to JolshiriAbashon, InternationalTrade Fair CenterandInternational Cricket Stadium.

  1. Utility
  2. Hotel building (61)
  3. Swimming pool
  4. Rest Room (62)
  5. Proposed 3 storied bulding (67)
  6. Playground
  7. Amphetheater
  8. Lawn
  9. Kids play zone
  10. Restaurant
  11. Propod 3stor ed suite building (84
  12. Pr 3stort.d suhebuilding(85 &86)

Chuti Resort Purbachal, Rathura, Nagori, Rajuk Purbachal New Town, Gazipur | 01709919825 | 01709919827 | 01709919829